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 A huge part of my “Steady Groove” comes from a consistent yoga practice and the dedication to cultivating a connection to my mind, body, and breath to find flow.

I took my first yoga class in 2008 while looking to sustain the strength, flexibility, and body awareness I had gained from years of dance experience. While the physical practice of yoga enhanced my mind-body connection and engagement, what really surprised me was the mental clarity and shift in consciousness that yoga eventually brought, and continues to bring.

As a teacher, I want to share that magic shift with my students, as well as the idea that you can start with a physical practice, which with focus and dedication can turn into something so much more beautiful. My classes are focused on the breath, letting it guide and develop movement, and the physical discipline of repeated and sustained asana practice (the physical postures). I believe that an initial concentration on the most superficial limb of yoga is just the gateway to a deeper path.

It’s all about balance. Building strength and flexibility in our bodies creates strength and flexibility in our minds. Like yin and yang, parts of one quality always live in the heart of it’s opposite. That is what yoga teaches us. Finding connection and harmony with all things, especially within ourselves.

I received my Yoga Alliance certification in Florence, Italy, where I taught for a year before returning to Florida. I am thrilled to be here, and to be a part of the quickly blossoming yoga community in Gainesville.