The Steady Groove …

Life moves too fast. So, I’ve decided to start writing down the good stuff. “Groove” is a word I’ve always loved because it can mean so many things which are all so applicable to this whole “life” thing


Groove (noun):

1. a long, narrow cut or depression in a hard material.

2. an established routine or habit.

3.  a situation suited to one’s abilities or interests

4. top form

5.  an enjoyable or exciting experience

6. a pronounced enjoyable rhythm

Groove (verb):

1. to enjoy listening to or dancing to music

2.  to perfect by repeated practice

3.  to interact harmoniously

So maybe this blog will be about establishing routines. Maybe it will be about finding the right situation suited to my abilities and how that manifests itself in everyday routines and practices. Maybe it will be about interacting harmoniously with other people, places, or things. Maybe it will include listening and dancing to music. It might even include some physical grooves in objects. But no matter what, it’s going to be about the pronounced enjoyable rhythm of life and it’s exciting experiences.

Because life really is pretty groovy.

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