Groove: to perfect by repeated practice



One of many definitions I have found of the word “groove” is:

to perfect by repeated practice.

I do not believe in perfection. Therefore, I do not believe in striving for perfection, because the path to something that does not exist is a strange and painful path not worth taking. Improvement is another thing entirely. Betterment, for ourselves and for the world around us. For me, the physical discipline of yoga takes me one step at a time in the correct direction. Toward “perfection”, toward “enlightenment”, toward “awakening”, whatever your word is for it (maybe you roll your eyes at these words because your main goal is drinking one less glass of wine this weekend, or not grumbling so much on a long-hold phone call), it all counts. Once you set an intention to improve, the only thing that will get you anywhere is repeated practice. You fall down, you get right back up and try again. It doesn’t matter if you have never done yoga before, and it doesn’t matter if you can easily put both feet behind your head; your practice will always be unique to you.

The important part is showing up to the practice. Showing up to your breath and connecting to your body to see what exactly unfolds. Whether in a yoga class or walking down the street. Not just one day, but most days. That is when real change happens. With dedicated practice and intention.

(Speaking of practice, I waited far too long to write a second blog post because I was worried about what to post, how it would sound, what I wanted this space to be, etc… But, practice makes practice, and I know that the only way to feel ok with writing is just to keep doing it. To find my groove.)





The Steady Groove …

Life moves too fast. So, I’ve decided to start writing down the good stuff. “Groove” is a word I’ve always loved because it can mean so many things which are all so applicable to this whole “life” thing


Groove (noun):

1. a long, narrow cut or depression in a hard material.

2. an established routine or habit.

3.  a situation suited to one’s abilities or interests

4. top form

5.  an enjoyable or exciting experience

6. a pronounced enjoyable rhythm

Groove (verb):

1. to enjoy listening to or dancing to music

2.  to perfect by repeated practice

3.  to interact harmoniously

So maybe this blog will be about establishing routines. Maybe it will be about finding the right situation suited to my abilities and how that manifests itself in everyday routines and practices. Maybe it will be about interacting harmoniously with other people, places, or things. Maybe it will include listening and dancing to music. It might even include some physical grooves in objects. But no matter what, it’s going to be about the pronounced enjoyable rhythm of life and it’s exciting experiences.

Because life really is pretty groovy.